Soccer Whiskey Glass

Allow a random night to be a wonderful moment as you sip a great drink using one of these Soccer Whiskey Glasses. Even more so when watching a live soccer play in a stadium or at home.


  • Exclusively Handcrafted - Both glasses are 100% handmade by skilled craftsmen.
  • Soccer Design - These drinking glasses are styled in a soccer ball pattern.
  • Durable, Lead-Free Glass - Each of the glasses is made of high quality glass material that is also free from lead. This ensures health safety and freshness of your favorite brand of whiskey.
  • A 10 Ounce Glass - Each glass holds 10 ounces of whiskey or other alcoholic drinks.
  • Ideal Gift - It's a set of two glasses perfect to hand out to a soccer fan, a couple on their wedding day, parents for their anniversary and whoever is celebrating a special day.

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