Antique Liquor Decanter - 1150ml


Impress your guests through this "Ship in a Bottle" Liquor Dispenser! This is not your ordinary whiskey decanter mainly because of its unique craftsmanship. A great gift for the sailor, US navy, beach lover or simply a whiskey enthusiast.

  • Made of High Quality Glass and Real Oak Wood - This liquor decanter is intensively and exclusively handmade by experts from the top to the bottom and to the inside. They used real oak wood and durable glass materials.
  • Eco-Friendly and Lead-Free - It is free of lead, which makes it very safe to fill with your favorite choice of whiskey.
  • Eye-Catching Detail - As already mentioned, this is not your ordinary decanter because of its striking and unique "Ship in a Bottle" detail, which only proves true and creative craftsmanship.
  • Holds 1150ml Liquor - Although it may look smaller from a distance, this dispenser can be filled with up to more than a liter of liquor. Its 1150ml capacity is a fair amount to serve your choice of drink from bourbon to Scotch, to cognac to gin (and so much more).
  • Built with Plumbing - A decanter isn't complete without the spout, and this one is integrated with a secured faucet with simple knob for an easy, quick pouring of drinks to glasses.

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